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Designed for the Modern World
We engineered the Habelis Bomber Jacket to fit your life. We started with the timeless MA-1 bomber jacket, the 21st century’s most iconic silhouette and packed it with technology. We fined-tuned its design for months to ensure you get the most versatile and sophisticated jacket you’ve ever owned.

Matte Black Side of Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber

Fully Reversible: 2 Jackets in 1
The bomber is fully reversible. Stealth black on one side, suitable for any occasion. And on the reverse side: high visibility orange with reflective trim to keep you safe on the road day and night.

High Visibility Side of the Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber

High Visibility Reflective Trim
The jacket features engineering-grade reflective trim. Embedded in a substrate are millions of catadioptric glass spheres. It's super high tech stuff, but the net net is maximum night visibility to an increasingly distracted population of motorists.


The Habelis Scout Vest
We're also excited to introduce the Habelis Scout vest. It has all the same features as the bomber, plus a stowaway hood to use when sudden weather arrives.

Habelis Scout Vest



The vest and jacket are lined with 100 GSM primaloft insulation made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. This minimizes weight and bulkiness while maximizing warmth.

What is Tailored-Tech?
The Habelis Bomber Jacket combines the sophistication of a tailored garment with the comfort and functionality you find in a piece of technical outerwear. It’s what you’d get if a tuxedo and a ski parka made a love child. We came to call this approach to design “Tailored-Tech.”

details on the Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber

Magnetic Headphone Patch
Never struggle with tangled earbuds again. Both the Bomber and Vest have a magnetic headphone patch to stow your earbuds when the world needs your attention.

Magnetic Headphone patch on the Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber


Dark Pocket: Secure Your Data and Personal Information
The Habelis Dark Pocket employs a military-grade fabric that blocks all radio waves. No signals in, no signals. It protects your cell phone, credit cards and passport from thieves, corporations and snoops of all kinds. You don’t have to be Edward Snowden to be into this. We own our personal data and the Habelis Dark Pocket enables you control when and with whom you share them.

Dark Pocket data security featured on the Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber

Ergonomic Styling: Comfort and Mobility
It would be pointless to engineer a super-dope and uber-functional jacket if it wasn’t also ridiculously comfortable. So we tweeked our prototypes obsessively and integrated ergonomic styling to fit all shapes and sizes.

Ergonomic styling on the Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber

Ethical Luxury: Eco-friendly, Good for Workers
Here at Habelis, we care about the planet and the people on it, so we designed the Habelis Bomber jacket to do good by them. The pieces are constructed with eco-friendly materials. They’re made right here in New York City by high-skilled craftspeople who get paid a fair wage.

Hyrdrophobic coating on the Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber

Made to Last
A big part of living sustainably is to cut down on consumption. So when it comes to the clothes we buy, garments that last longer are better for the planet. So we built the Habelis Bomber Jacket to last, which keeps it on your back and out of the landfill.

The Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber jacket is made in New York City

Sizing of the Habelis Bomber Jacket MA1 Bomber

About Habelis
Habelis is a Brooklyn-based product design studio started by the two of us: Jacob McCabe and Anthony Clune.
Habelis founders: Anthony Clune and Jacob McCabe